Google Fred Update Winners and Losers

It’s been just over a month since the Google Fred update was rolled out and we can start to see the fallout for porn sites, the winners and losers affected by this update.

The update started to roll out around March 7th and it is believed that it was a number of updates rolled out at the same time. Google has cited that the update is a core quality signals update and I also believe google panda was updated as part of this multi-update. Sites previously hit by panda could see some recovery and likewise new sites could be caught by the furry fiend. The update focuses on sites that are advert heavy and sites that do not offer any unique content.

Generally the of type sites I have seen affected most during this update have been the tube aggregators as many of these networks have suffered huge organic traffic loss. These sites offer very little in terms of unique content as they are scraped or syndicated content feeds. There are many of these sites still performing well so finding the sweet spot between great UX and duplicated content is essential for those running these sites.

The movement in the SERPs from March 7th can be seen here in these images from Algoroo and Accuranker, both showing massive fluctuations for at least five days while the google Fred update rolled out.

Algoroo Movement for Fred Update

Algoroo Google Fred update Data

Accuranker Movement for Fred Update


Having established that there were updates rolled out at this time let’s take a look at a selection of the winners and losers affected by this update. The below data gives some insight into possible causes and resolutions for this update. Using SEMRush we can see the organic traffic reach of sites which gives some representation of their rankings and traffic levels.


Beeg has seen good growth since the update and has increased metrics from both SEMRush and Alexa showing a steady increase in organic search traffic.

Beeg Organic Traffic

Beeg Alexa Traffic has seen a real benefit from this update and with Google citing quality –  and possibly adverts – as part of this update it is clear to see why PornDig, a high quality site which has minimal advertising,  has seen growth.

Porndig Organic Traffic

Porndig Alexa Traffic

Having recently gone through a total site redesign and re-brand, has been rewarded with a boost in search traffic from the Google Fred update. This is still a very low percentage of the site’s total traffic but can be considered good growth.

Gotporn Organic Traffic

Gotporn Alexa Traffic

Solid Growth for on the run up to the update with continued growth over the update period.

Flyflv Organic Traffic

Flyflv Alexa Traffic

Losers and the other sites in the network have taken a huge hit during this update with some losing 50% of their organic search reach. Examples of other sites in the network hit are,

Pornharmony Organic Traffic

Pornharmony Alexa Traffic

The network has taken a heavy hit from this update, losing a huge amount of organic reach – as much as 75% loss.

Pornolaba Organic Traffic

Pornolaba Alexa Traffic

Since January there has been a decline for and its network of other sites but a definite jump in organic traffic loss from the March update, taking total traffic loss to more than 50%.

Anybunny Organic Traffic

Anybunny Alexa Traffic is one of the sites I have seen hit most hard by this update having lost a huge amount of organic reach and Alexa is showing a huge loss in organic traffic from search engines.

ThePornDude Organic Traffic

ThePornDude Alexa Traffic


Taking a look at the comparisons between the winners and losers can give some further insight into what might be positive and negative signals for sites to have. Correlation does not mean causation so the data only offers some guidance as to what signals might be at play here.

Winners’ common attributes:

  • Unique design and UX
  • Limited advertising
  • Useful secondary content and related media
  • No autogenerated text/URLs of low quality

Losers’ common attributes: 

  • Lacking original content – mostly scraped/embedded
  • Large amount of auto generated URLs
  • Text added looks like spam
  • Unrelated/unhelpful secondary content

Key Takeaways

Looking at the data above and having analysed the sites I can see that sites hit are not primarily full of original content and often just link to origin videos or use scrapped embed and video details. When Google works on these quality updates they often work on rewarding the original content owners. This is why sites that scrape/publish duplicated content from origin sites often have a limited life span and get hit hard during these updates.

Creating unique titles/descriptions/content has never been more important for adult websites and it is often the case that having fewer unique videos will be much more rewarding than masses of duplicated content.

Advertising seems to be playing more of a role on adult sites with sites that are top heavy on adverts either being hit or staying at the level they currently are and growth going to sites that are more content focused. Less is now much more as having fewer adverts is now generally rewarded with more organic traffic. Porn sites have always been quite advert intensive so if you want to stand out from the crowd then this is a good place to start.

I can’t show all examples of winners and losers so feel free to get in touch if there are any sites you would like explored.

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