Google Reduces Mobile Search Results to 5

Google Continues to put the squeeze on organic traffic available to websites with their latest mobile search update. This latest update test reduces the amount of organic search results from 10 down to 5 and removes pagination all together. Google has instead provided a “See More Results” button which loads another 5 results each time it is pressed.

An example screenshot for the mobile search “Free Porn” is below:

Mobile Search Results

The fallout for this is that results 6-10 will see massive decrease in google mobile impressions and traffic as they are not loaded by default for a search. Users will need to click the “See More Results” button for an impression to register and any chance of a click.

This will likely result in a much reduced level of traffic for results 6-10 as they are no longer instantly available for users to visit.

Having creative webpage title tags and descriptions has always been an effective way for lower position sites to entice a click from users. This method of enticing organic traffic is now much less effective as the lower positions are hidden from the user by default.

Page 2 has always yielded high click through rates for the top 3 positions and will now fall foul to this update as there will no longer be a top of page 2. Instead these same positions need more interaction from users to become visible, making them much less likely to be visited.

All things considered this will generate much more traffic for the top 5 results and much less traffic for all lower positions as it takes a click extra for users to even see your site.

This appears to be a test but with lots of people seeing the same results, it could well be rolled out soon.


The Google organic traffic squeeze continues and the push to Adwords is stronger than ever!


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