Pornharmony Network Google Penalty for Cloaking/Sneaky Redirects

The network of sites has recently been penalized by Google with a manual penalty for cloaking/sneaky redirects.

This was a very fast growing and successful network that was receiving a large amount of traffic from Google, upwards for 500k daily. and the other sites in the network have been removed from Google with one of their most severe penalties and not even a search for the domain names returns and of the sites in the Google SERP.

Here is the network owners comments on the penalty:

wankawonk GFY

Here is an SEMRush Traffic chart showing the decline in Traffic for the largest site in the network,

Pornharmony SEMRush Traffic

Other sites in the network also show huge loss in search traffic: Alexa Search Graph:

Pornharmony-Alexa Alexa Search Graph:

Tubesafari-Alexa Alexa Search Graph:

Pornado Alexa

It will be interesting to see if this webmaster is able to recover these sites from this penalty. Due to the severity of this penalty I think it is unlikely that recovery will happen.


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