SEO Done right by the Whales

Sleep Applause

This is my morning routine…I wake up and I strike up applause. Not because of some epic dream my alarm clock has rudely awaken me from but for the epic SEO and marketing I know I am going to witness from some of the sites in the porn industry.

I get up from my bed clapping and walk into my office and crack open a can of Xhamster’s finest beer, I visit PornHub’s Insights blog for a daily dose of WTF and LOLs, watch a re-run of my favourite reality show¬†and then after a day’s solid work I rest easy back in my bed dreaming that I’m the guy enjoying a good girls’ day out, and if all this SEO gold has not given you a semi yet this might help:

Vixen Girls Day Out

It’s easy to see that these companies have the budget to create such good marketing campaigns but the general idea is still the same for a budget of any size – think outside the box. Pornhub think outside the box so much that I think they must be offended by square objects and I expect that everything in their office is round – round laptops, monitors, perhaps they work in a lighthouse and the fate of the last box TV they had was:

Exploding Box

The SEO and marketing teams at these companies do an amazing job of thinking up unique ideas to create a buzz about their sites and we are all capable of that, regardless of budget.

SEO Related?

How do these campaigns help from an SEO point of view? How does beer, a sex reality show or a helicopter filming girls in bikini help? Well it is a sure fire way to get a lot of organic backlinks to your sites. Aside from being great marketing in general for SEO this helps massively to spread the word and get backlinks naturally. The number of shares these URLs get across all online formats, from forums, blogs, newspapers and industry news sites, is huge.

Backlinks are still a vital ranking factor and in an industry as competitive as porn they are essential to performing well in organic search. So campaigns like this give you a great start or boost to your current rankings.

I am not a marketer, I am an SEO and it’s an enormous help to work alongside marketers who can think in this way and create such ideas. When this is combined with solid SEO it creates incredible results. A good marketing team working alongside a good SEO =

Perfect SEO


  • Create unique marketing ideas to compliment your SEO
  • Organic backlinks will come with good marketing
  • Unique ideas are important not budget
  • Integrate SEO into your marketing to benefit the most. For example, you can target specific URLs in your marketing

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