Google Fred Recovery


I highlighted in my Google Fred update blog post about being hit negatively and losing a lot of organic search traffic from Google in the February 2017 Fred algorithm update.

I have followed this site and many others to see what movement they had for organic traffic from Google in the following months after Google Fred. It seems that is one of the only sites I track to have recovered from Google Fred and is back on track with positive organic growth.

Alexa shows overall site growth:

ThePornDude Alexa

Alexa also shows the vast jump in organic search traffic:

ThePornDude Search Traffic

SEMRush is showing good recovery signals and growth:

ThePornDude SEMRush

Looks like a good recovery so far for ThePornDude and will be interesting to see if this growth continues or if future updates affect the site.

ThePornDude made some minor changes, added some more text to parts of their site, to try and recover from their first negative hit but it seems most like the Google algorithm was tweaked and release the site from its grasp. Google has been tweaking this new algorithm since its first release and there is even an update going on currently so watch this space.


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